Welcome to the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus

Outgoing President Gemma Kiddy with Incoming President Pradeep

Outgoing President Gemma Kiddy with Incoming President Pradeep

Restaurateur/caterer Pradeep Popat has been inducted as the eighth president of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus. This is a big year for Pradeep; he and Nisha celebrated 25 years of marriage and the eduacational achievements of their two daughters.

Pradeep leads a diverse team of 19 members —11 men and 8 women. Nine are White, nine are British Asians and one is a Black Briton.

United by the Rotary International slogan of Service Above Self we enjoy working together under this year’s motto supplied by Rotary International president Ian Riseley “Rotary: Making A Difference.” One area in which the Australian leader of the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world wants to make a difference is for members to plant at least one tree each. Novus members are currently looking for a partner and site where we can plant at least 19 trees.

Some will be planted at the Falcons Primary School, Gipsy Lane, where the club will complete its ongoing project to provide a Peace Garden for the enjoyment of pupils, staff and visitors.

Peace is the over-arching aim of Rotary clubs. Every Thursday evening Novus members conclude their meeting with the toast: “To Rotary Fellowship and Peace The World Over.”

President Pradeep invites members of other clubs and non-Rotarians to visit our meetings to share the fun we have and learn about the voluntary service we give.

If you decide to come, please check and contact us via this website so we can guarantee you a warm welcome.

If you are travelling to Leicester, why not make a day of it in and visit the Cathedral where King Richard III is interred? One of our members might be on duty as a guide to show you around

Just over the road from the Cathedral is the King Richard III Centre

If you’re more interested in the present — and future — you could spend a whole day at the National Space Centre

These are just some of the attractions of Leicester.

A look at our recent news pages might persuade you that our Rotary Club is also worth a visit. We certainly hope so, but we ask you to e-mail us beforehand — particularly if you would like to have a meal — to make sure we will be there…