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The Shelterbox sticky badge sits beautifully alongside the blazer badge of a Falcons school pupil

Sewa, a word which links Sikhism to Rotary

Sewa is a word which lies at the heart of Sikhism and Rotary. The Punjabi word means selfless service to God, the Khalsa and the the wider community. It is a principle tenet of Sikhism. Service Above Self is the creed which drives 1.2 million Rotary members from around the world — people of all faiths …

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President Jason Chauhan with guest speaker Eric Hall

End Polio Now campaign update

Rotarian Eric Hall, one of three End Polio Now champions in District 1070, visited the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus to give an update on Rotary International’s 30-year campaign to rid the wqorld of polio. Eric is exceptionally well qualified, having gone four times to India to vaccinate children against the disease. Rotary first became …

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Banners build bridges

Exceptional fellowship is one of the reasons 1.2 million people around the world belong to Rotary clubs and work together behind the motto Service Above Self. As a member of one club, every one is entitled — encouraged even — to visit any club. It was with great pleasure that President Jason Chauhan and other members …

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Presidents Jason Chauhan, and Ann Saunders, of the Rotary Club of Blaby Meridian, with Rotarians Vasant Kalyani and Sarita Shah

Sarita reports back from Kenya, as old friends meet

The Friends of Kianjai Kenya was the subject of an illustrated talk by Club member Sarita Shah. It was appropriate, because in the audience was not only Novus members, but visiting Rotarians Diana Esho, of the Rotary Club of Leicester, wife of Novus member Mark. Diana was there, in part to receive further donations of …

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Umbrellas up as Rotary starts its tour of Abbey Park

Rotarians step back in time

Fourteen members and guests of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus stepped back in time on August 9 when Penny Brown, who is in charge of volunteering efforts in Leicester City Council’s parks, gave them a guided tour of Abbey Park. It’s ten years since Penny last conducted such a tour. She came ‘out of …

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The Facebook page on which Mark Esho announced the launch of his inspirational book I Can. I Will.

He can. He will. He did!

CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Esho, who joined the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus about 18 months ago. At 11am on Thursday, August 9, he posted this video announcing the launch of his autobiography I Can. I Will. It is a motivating and inspiring story. Pulling no punches, Mark tells how he has overcome polio (he must be …

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Thousands of visitors at Novus Rotary meeting

Like every Rotary Club, Novus is always pleased to welcome visitors. For our meeting at The Grange Farm pub in Oadby we had thousands… far too many to count. They were brought by Melvyn Dines, who spoke to us about his hobby of beekeeping. All the thousands —  there can be as many as 50,000 in …

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Wheels For All chairman Peter Simmonds and secretary Linda Goddard present fliers to Rotary president Jason Chauhan

Cycling is for all… and not just on bikes

Cycling comes in all shapes and sizes, as members and guests of Leicester Novus discovered when two trustees of the charity Leicester Wheels For All spoke to them. Chairman Peter Simmonds and secretary Linda Goddard talked about the charity and its aim of promoting cycling for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. They showed lots …

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Guests and guides about to explore Glenfield Tunnel

Digging into county’s world-record history

Fourteen Novus Rotary members and guests explored Glenfield Tunnel which, when it opened in 1832, was the world’s longest steam railway tunnel. The Rotarians did not walk all 1796 yards to the highlight of their trip. That was about 400 yards into the tunnel beneath one of the shafts up which rock and soil would …

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Lost and found

A walking treasure hunt around the village of Thurcaston raised £73 for the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus. It started and finished at The Wheatsheaf pub, just over the road from the home of Jim and Sally Matthews who devised the quiz. Fourteen of their friends followed clues and all managed to find some answers, …

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Juwayriyyah Salim with her entry in the textile design

Young designers show off their skills

Fifty-six young people competed in the final of the Young Designer Competition organised by Colin Derrick on behalf of Leicester Rotary Club. Four of them were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus.                       Rukhsar Kasmani and Juwayriyyah Salim are students at Crown Hills …

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President-Elect Jason Chauhan with guest speakers Gwyn Jones and John Evans

Providing support for those living with dementia

Novus had two speakers for the price of one when they invited Dementia UK to send a representative to speak about the challenges faced by people living with people with dementia. Gwyn Jones spoke movingly about her husband who was diagnosed with dementia in 2012. “This is a disease… not a natural part of ageing,” …

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The Wheatsheaf Inn. Start and finish point for treasure hunt

Seeking treasure will launch charity

There’s treasure in Thurcaston. And on the longest day of the year, June 21, members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus and their guests will be seeking it. Starting at 6.30pm from The Wheatsheaf pub in the centre of the village, they will compete to solve two score cunning clues. The nature of the …

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President Pradeep Popat with President Elect Jason Chauhan and Assistant Governor Nigel Aaron

Plans approved: pressure is off

Every June is a busy month for Rotarians all over the world. With less than a month before the current Rotary year ends and the new one begins, some members are dashing around trying to complete projects before July 1, and some are making plans for the new year. Often it’s the same Rotarians feeling …

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Rotarians collect for Alzheimer’s Research

  Seven members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus, plus four from Leicester Rotary Club and 13 other volunteers gave up the chance of watching either the events at Windsor or Wembley to boost the funds of Alzheimer’s Research UK. They spent a very sunny Saturday morning and afternoon in the centre of Leicester …

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Karen scales yet more new heights

Karen Storey, due on July 1 to become president of the Rotary Club of Oadby, has just returned to Leicester Novus Rotary to report on her latest big adventure — undertaking The Grand Canyon trek. She and her daughter Sophie spoke to Novus in August 2014 about their trek through the jungles of Thailand some months …

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Novus Rotarians at District Assembly

Ready to be the inspiration

Every year Rotarians meet to plan for the year ahead. In District 1070 (the east Midlands of England) that day-long assembly is held at Loughborough University early in May. Nearly 500 members attend. And every year members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus attend to learn about possible projects to which they can commit. …

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Do you Floss?

Even when there’s not much to do, Rotarians can be relied upon to have fun. A week after meeting at Falcons Primary School to see their Peace Garden opened, members of Leicester Novus Rotary met there to discuss membership matters. After the business, members fell to chatting. One thing led to another and before long …

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Peace. Unity. Warm. Love. Health. Some of the stones painted with words pupils say sum up the meaning of Peace. The stones were placed in the water feature of the Rotary Peace Garden

Smiles and songs as Peace Pole is unwrapped

A two-year Rotary project has been officially opened. Frazer Robson, Foundation Officer for the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus and Rotarian Jasbir Mann, who is head teacher at the Falcons Primary School, Gipsy Lane, Leicester, put together the grand design for a Peace Garden at the school. Together they applied for a matching grant from …

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Bryan Woodward, Maureen McKenna, Sally Matthews and Jim Matthews, who all vaccinated children in Delhi, India, in November 2010

Polio volunteers reunited at Commons reception

About 200 people who have taken part in Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign attended a reception on The Terrace of the House of Commons. Over more than a decade, thousands of Rotarians and others have given hundreds of millions of doses of polio vaccine to hundreds of millions of children in India. A small …

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Prince Edward opening the Soft Touch Arts building in 2016

How arts help disadvantaged youngsters

Rotary Club of Leicester Novus members visited Soft Touch Arts for their weekly meeting. Business Strategic Director Christina Wigmore gave 10 members an insight into the work of the charity and a tour of its premises, at 50 New Walk, Leicester. She explained that soft Touch was formed in 1986 to benefit disadvantaged young people …

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Lee Horsefield admires his shot which would have made Robin Hood green with envy

Better than double top… double darts, two in one!

The second weekend in April was busy for Novus members. On Friday Jasbir Mann, headteacher of the Sikh-ethos Falcons Primary School took time out to advise Warning Zone on which Sikhs might wear the Kirpaan, the ceremonial knife all baptised Sikhs pledge to carry to defend themselves and their faith. On Saturday, six members …

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Bert Thurston gives advice to a shopper after he had taken her blood pressure

Busy shopping? No pressure!

Once again, Emeritus Professor Bert Thurston led the way for seven volunteers from the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus helping shoppers stay healthy. Bert, a doctor of medicine, recorded the blood pressure of shoppers at the Asda store in Abbey Lane, Leicester, along with other medical professionals while Pam Spokes, Jason Chauhan, Deepak Karia, Sarita …

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The Carers Centre Quiz Night

Moira’s memories of Maundy Money

Moira Bartlett not only talked about the Maundy Money she was handed by The Queen at Easter 2017, but she passed the coins round so that members of Leicester Novus Rotary and their guests could touch them and see them up close. Moira explained the history of the tradition in which the monarch hands specially-minted …

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Sarita Shah sits in the ornamented chair of the President of the Rotary Club of Leicester

Sarita in the Big Seat

Four members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus visited the Leicester club to see their friend Diana Esho, wife of Mark, inducted as a member of the Leicester club. While there, Sarita Shah was photographed in the heavily-ornamented wooden seat reserved for presidents of Novus’s ‘mother club’. The photo was taken by past president …

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Hollywood/Bollywood: Jollygood

  President Pradeep and 13 of his club members welcomed about 150 guests to their Hollywood/Bollywood diner dance at St Martin’s House. Delicious food, good music and great company made the evening a great success. The food, of course, was provided by Mirch Masala, the Belgrave restaurant of Pradeep and his wife Nisha, who were …

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A central feature of the Peace Garden is the Peace Pole and the water feature surrounded by trellises and seats

Peace Garden completed

  Despite forecasts of heavy rain, or even snow, volunteers turned up to help Leicester Novus Rotary Club complete the Peace Garden it is building at Falcons Primary School in the city. Overseen by Frazer Robson, who has led the project from the start, and by Rotarian Jim Matthews, and school premises officer Viren Shah, …

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Six dartboards outside Stamford, Lincs

Please help us hit target for disabled competitors

Rotary clubs achieve a lot, but often can do so only because they are helped by members of the public. Leicester Novus is now asking for help… With many other clubs from across the East Midlands, we are contributing to a days of games in April at Stamford. Our task — and we have chosen to …

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Trained to save lives

President Pradeep Popat with President Elect Jason Chauhan and past president Frazer Robson with the certificates issued by the charity Heartwize, marking their completion in January of a course which made them feel more confident about trying to save a life by using CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation)

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Speakers Laura Hutchenson and Peter Coopey with President Pradeep Popat

Helping baby feel welcome…and safe

When teacher Laura Hutchinson arrived in Leicester from Bristol in June 2017, she wanted to continue doing some voluntary work. Within weeks she had founded Baby-basics Leicester  one of about two dozen branches of a charity which started in Sheffield in 2009. Based in Narborough Road, the registered charity now has half-a-dozen regular volunteers contributing …

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Emily, Lauren and Leah suggest proposals to help the homeless

Where law meets morality

Novus meetings with guest speakers are often thought-provoking. But when eight students from the University of Leicester Law School asked Rotarians to ponder on several issues where UK law meets ethics and morals, members found themselves properly and rigorously challenged. Firstly, Leah, Gabrielle and Lauren gave some startling facts about the number of homeless people, …

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Novus crash out of Minor sports

There are about 32,000 Rotary Clubs in the world. To enable collaboration, neighbouring clubs are assigned to areas, districts and regions. To foster good relations they compete against one another in ‘minor sports.’ They always travel in hope — the hope that they don’t win so many knock-out matches that they have to travel further and …

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Rtn Viren Shah presents to Kiran Purohit, president of the Rotary Club of Pune the banners of the Rotary Club of Leicester and the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus which he received when he visited Novus

Flagging up international friendships

Every one of the 1.2 million Rotary Club members are entitled — encouraged even — to visit other clubs, near or far. Traditionally, they will mark their visits by exchanging banners or small flags bearing the name of their clubs. When the visitor next returns to her or his club, they will present the banner to …

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The Guildford Rotary Eye Project – Global Sight Solutions

Rotarian John Miles (member of Rotary Club of Leatherhead)  presented on the great work the charity Global Sight Solutions have been working on.The charity was founded in 1998 by Dr Sam Da MBE, former eye surgeon and opthalmic consultant at Guildford’s Royal Surrey Hospital. It is understood that there are an estimated 350-650 million people …

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Jasbir Mann and President-Elect Jason Chauhan with Gary Farnfield. of Rainbows Children's Hospice and the memory boxes given to parents

Rainbows: Where parents get to be parents

Community Fundraiser Gary Farnfield returned to update the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus on Rainbows Children’s Hospice since his visit a year or so ago. He reminded members that the hospice opened in 1994 to help the families of young people aged up to 30 with life-limiting illnesses and conditions. When he last spoke to …

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Learning how to save lives…

Twenty-one members and invited guests learned from volunteers with the charity Heartwize how to save lives. The meeting was staged in the spacious and airy hall of Falcons Primary School in Leicester whose headteacher, Jasbir Mann, is a member of the Rotary club. President Pradeep Popat welcomed the guests, who included staff from Falcons, two teachers …

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