About Us

The Rotary Club of Leicester Novus was Chartered on 13th June 2009 and its founder members are now being joined by more new members, growing it into an even more exciting, diverse and thriving club.

Do you think that a Rotary Club is full of middle-class, middle-aged white men? Well, some are, and there are plenty of clubs like that if that is what you want to join. However, the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus isn’t like that.

We currently have 16 members almost equally divided between men and women and people of White and South Asian heritage. Our youngest member is 28 and our oldest is closer to 70. Our unity in striving to live up to the Rotary motto of Service Above Self removes all age, gender and race barriers.

You can see details of what we’ve already done and what we’re planning to do in the rest of the website. There is also a list of our upcoming events and details of how to contact us.

Like all clubs, we follow the Rotary ideals.

We have a 4 way test of all the things we think, say or do:

+ Is it the TRUTH?

+ Is it FAIR to all concerned?


+ Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Until COVID came along, we met every Thursday at 7:30pm often — but not always — at Elizabeth Park, off Checkland Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8FN. To reduce costs to members — unlike many Rotary clubs — we do not have a meal as a matter of course at every meeting. However, we can arrange meals for members, guests or speakers.

Since the start of the pandemic crisis we have used Zoom to ensure that we have not missed a single weekly meeting. If you would like to ‘attend’ a meeting, please e-mail us at mailto:RotaryClubofLeicesterNovus@gmail.com

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.

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