If you would like to visit us, please e-mail us — particularly if you would like to have a meal.

Until COVID came along, we met every Thursday at 7:30pm often — but not always — at Elizabeth Park, off Checkland Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8FN. By using Zoom, we did not miss a meeting during the pandemic. We hope to make most future meetings available online as well as in person.

To keep our programme fresh and engaging, we have decided to follow (as far as possible) this pattern:

On the first Thursday of each month, we will hold our business meetings via Zoom
On the second Thursday, we will meet via Zoom and in person at Elizabeth Park, to hear interesting speakers
On the third Thursday, we will visit interesting places, have new experiences or undertake service projects
On the fourth Thursday, we will dine together and contribute to our fund for good causes and charities
On the fifth Thursday, we will increase or knowledge of Rotary International by ‘scattering’ to other clubs

Please please click here to see the upcoming Novus programme, You will probably find it easier to read if you then click on Agenda at the top right of the calendar

If this programme looks interesting and you think you might enjoy Rotary membership, please e-mail the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus.

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