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Projects 2016-2017

Rotary Stars from Mellor PS

This page gives a brief resumé of the projects that the club agreed at its Assembly on June 16, 2016.

Youth Service – Pam Spokes/Jasbir Mann

  • Young Writer
  • Rotary Stars
  • Young Musician
  • Leicester Rotaract
  • Partnership working to sponsor candidates in other competitions.
  • Assist Leicester Club with their Technology Tournament

All funds to be raised for entry fees and expenses through providing catering at Young Musician events in 2017.

Membership – Sarita Shah

  • Attending and assisting at more community based events to spread the word of Rotary
  • Distribution of flyers and information about Rotary
  • Hold an interest meeting for our club

Hands on work needed here. Support will be received from the district for the interest meeting and RIBI for print.

Treasury – Sheema Karia

  • Come to a collective decision on the club being set up as a charity
  • Collect all monies and distribute to agreed charities at the end of the year
  • Report with regular consistency at Business Meetings on treasury matters

Communications – Jason Chauhan/Jim Matthews

  • Publish information about Rotary and events in local newspapers/magazines.
  • Maintain and look into ways to improve our website – can we increase the number of people visiting our website?
  • Promote our activities on other channels such as Youtube/LeicsTv
  • Facebook & Twitter by Gemma, Jim and others.

 Community – Jim Matthews/Sarita Shah

  • Repeat canal boat trip. Perhaps for the homeless

–Cost: £10 per guest, plus catering.

  • Continue working on environmental projects like Walnut Street

–Cost: minimal. Benefits for membership/publicity/we get a speaker

  • Continue working alongside Leicester City of Sanctuary (day trip to Alrewas? Offering regular practical help)

–Cost: unknown. Benefits for membership/publicity/we get a speaker

  • KYBP (Stroke Awareness). With other club(s)?

–Cost: minimal (even if we do it alone). Benefits: publicity

  • RYLA or Calvert (with other clubs & Rotaract)

–Cost: (£100-£350) We get a speaker

To raise funds for this activity we will arrange a Village Treasure Hunt event and hold street collections.

Vocational Service – Adrian McGreevy

  • Mock Interviews
  • School Education Visits
  • Further development of Apprentice Schemes
  • Apply our vocational talents to the problems and needs of society as they arise.

Rotary Foundation – Frazer Robson

  • District Grant for a Rotary Peace Garden at Falcons Primary School
  • Purple Pinky Campaign – Rotary Crocuses
  • Raising funds for ‘Our Charity’ through a Christmas street collection and sale of the purple fabric crocuses

International – Pradeep Popat

  • Shelterbox
  • Jaipur Limbs
  • LifeStraw
  • Healing Little Hearts

Raising funds by working with local schools and donations from businesses

Other roles and plans

  • Programme Secretary David Clorley
  • Health & Safety Herbert Thurston
  • Fellowship and Fundraising Diana Thurston
  • Protection/Compliance Channi Riyait