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Projects 2019-2020

President Maya Vansia presided over the Club Assembly in June 2019.
She set as her goals to:

• Undertake a club health check review
• Support Rotary Foundation and Mary’s Meals
• Be involved with hands-on project  involving non Rotarians while raising public awareness of Rotary’s work
• World Polio Day (24th October)
• Garden Party
• Visit a Flower Show
• Picnic at Rutland Water

Gemma Bhagalia is in charge of Youth projects and outlined her plans for
• Young  Musician
• Young Writer
• Rotary Stars
• Funds to be raised by catering Young Musicians Competitions

Jim Matthews said her wanted the club to grow by one new member during Maya’s year as president and reminded members that it is every member’s job to seek new members

Ranjit Mann, Jasbir Mann and Mark Esho are in charge of the club’s programme. They told the assembly that they would plot a diverse programme of speakers, visits meals and activities maintaining where possible the pattern of Business (1st Thursday), Visit (2nd Thursday), Speaker (3rd Thursday) Meal (4th Thursday) Speaker/Scatter (5th Thursday) • To achieve a programme that inspires and interests as many members and guests as possible, we invite members to suggest visits/speakers (including offering themselves as speakers)

Maya invited Dipan Bhagalia to lead on Rotaract matters and he said he would
• Support District Plans & Initiatives
• Identify potential opportunities/members

Husband and wife team Dipan and Gemma Bhagalia are in charge of Social Media and pledged to
• Continue to develop followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Another husband-and-wife team Deepak and Sheema Karia form the club’s treasury team. They pledged to
• Solidify the structure and workings of the Charitable Trust
• Keep review of the Gift Aid application
• Collect all monies and distribute to agreed charities at the end of the year
• Report with regular consistency at Business Meetings on treasury matters

Past President Jason Chauhan and Jim Matthews are in charge of communications. Their focus includes
• Utilise existing publications to promote our club projects and activities.
• Maintain Rotary Club Central to record all the good work we do.
• Design a personalised pop-up banner for our club, promoting our registered charity.
• Improve our website by introducing a search button (protected from spammers).
• Add e-commerce functionality, so we can solicit donations to The Rotary Novus Charity and enable members to pay for events (District Assembly, pre-pay for club meals etc.)
• Continue to use Facebook and WhatsApp

Sarita Shah leads on Community/Vocational Service. She said she would
• Get involved with Dementia Support and raise funds for an Admiral Nurse.
• Continue to help and volunteer for the Disability Games and Young Enterprise.
• Support other events such a Know Your Blood Pressure
Expenses/Fundraising; Youth Competition Catering and Bag-Packing at Asda

Assistant Secretary Frazer Robson continues to use his experience and knowledge of the Rotary Foundation. His targets
• Consider possible new projects for District Grant funding, consult and progress.
• Raise funds such that the Club can contribute $100 per Member to Foundation.
• Encourage Members to become sustaining members.

Past presidents Pradeep Popat and Channi Riyait are working together on International Service Projects including
• Friends of Kianjai Kenya.
• Raising awareness about the charity.
• Fundraising activities to raise money for the charity.
• Donate sewing machines to train women to sew

Diana Thurston is arranging social and fundraising events. She pledged to hold
• Curry/Social Nights – to continue these bimonthly
• No additional funding is required because each meal out/activity will be paid for by attendees.
• Members will be encouraged to make suggestions with restaurants/activities they would like to visit/take part in.

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