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Projects 2010

Aqua Boxes

When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 we all experienced the media coverage of the devastation on this country. Haiti was already suffering significant levels of poverty and inequality an the natural disaster made it almost impossible for so many people to survive the chaos. In particular water supplies were disrupted and many families had no chance of accessing safe drinking water at all. Our Rotary club was determined to do something as quickly as possible that could be helpful and decided to target our efforts through the Rotary Charity Aqua Boxes. We purchased three boxes and as Headteacher of a large secondary school I took them into school immediately to begin filling them. Our students and staff were also moved by the crisis is Haiti and using school charity funds we manage to purchase an additional 54 boxes and to collect them by minibus from the distribution centre in Derbyshire. Each form group then had one box to fill with the list of useful items. It took just over a week until we had bags and boxed brimming with toothbrushes, buckets, saucepans, children clothes, soap, hammers and nails etc and one Saturday Rotarians from our club assisted by members from other clubs to support us, spent a whole day packing up the boxes ready for collection on Monday.

Polio Plus

Rotary have almost rid the world of Polio and we are hopefully in the final years of this project, as an International committee we feel we would like to spread the word about the work of Rotarians across the world and ask kindly for donations. We will be focusing this project on community centres, temples and churches.

Other Projects
We can’t wait to work on more projects and we will be looking at the approved list from Rotary to help us guide us through our first year. If you have a project or would like to join in with the work we do then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.