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Becoming aware of dementia

Karen Storey and volunteer Rose welcome their guests

Karen Storey and volunteer Rose (front centre) welcome their guests from the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus

Leicester Novus is, in several ways, an unconventional Rotary Club. It often does not eat when it meets. Often, it meets away from its base, The Stoneycroft Hotel. And often it invites other clubs along to its meetings.
When the club met on Thursday, November 13, it did so at the Aigburth Methodist Home for the Aged at Manor Road, Oadby. And it invited its friends from the Rotary Club of Oadby Launde.
The purpose of the meeting was to hear about dementia and the brand new dementia cafe which opened in the town that week.
The meeting was hosted by Karen Storey, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Oadby and is the volunteer co-ordinator at the home.
Karen firstly got the 20 visitors to have a go at a brain game to see how their minds worked. After much scratching of heads, members were pleased to be given the answers to some puzzling word clues. Then she showed them a very moving film called Featherhead, which showed the effects of dementia on an elderly couple. She rounded off by explaining how the new dementia cafe works.
Set up by her Rotary club, the new cafe met for the first time the previous Monday.
The plan is that it will meet one Monday a month in the meeting room behind Zeph’s cafe in the Oadby Trinity Methodist Church. Six members of the Rotary Club of Oadby served tea and coffee to people who are meeting the challenge of living with dementia.
Each session costs £51. Eventually, it is hoped that the number of dementia cafe sessions will increase and some will be held at the Aigburth home.
Hearing that, one of the guests, immediately pledged to give £2,500 to enable to scheme to grow.

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