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Who needs PowerPoint?

Gemma Kiddy sorting out her travelog photos

Gemma Kiddy told the club meeting at the Mirch Masala on 19.06.2014 what she had been getting up to in recent months.
Instead of relying on a PowerPoint presentation, as many less confident speakers might, Gemma laid out a couple of dozen photos and challenged members to place them in chronological order.

As members selected photos from a range of locations including her home town of York, London, Cochin, Adelaide, New York, New Zealand and her favourite Chicago, Gemma filled in the details and revealed that she has clocked up thousands of air miles and enjoyed thousands of smiles since she left the club.

The good news for the club is that Gemma, currently working in Leicester on a project celebrating the first 30 years of the Leicester Mela, will soon be a member again.

Anyone interested in joining Gemma and the other members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus — which is dedicated to having fun while serving communities at home and abroad — is invited to call 0116 292 8267.