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Selling Rotary at Indian Summer event

Members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus used the Indian Summer event as an opportunity to promote their club and the Rotary movement.

The event started on Saturday morning with typical English summer weather, but as it brightened later so the footfall past the Rotary Club stand in Southampton Street also perked up.

Rotary Club of Leicester Novus at Indian Summer

With a wide range of Rotary magazines and brochures being handed out, the Rotary club looked busy and diverse. Sarita’s biscuits went down as well with adults as the sweets did with children.

Rotary Club of Leicester Novus at Indian Summer 2

As is so often the case at such events, the networking with other stallholders proved as valuable as with the passers-by. It is to be hoped that the fruits of the Rotary participation will pay off over time with new members and Rotary getting involved with other local organisations.

Photos: Gemma Kiddy