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Novus team announced for 2015-2016

President-Elect Gemma Kiddy has been making plans…

And she has filled all the positions to run the Rotary Club in her year as president, running from July 2015 to June 2016.


Here they are…

President                                            Gemma Kiddy

Immediate Past President                Dipan Bhagalia

President Elect                                  Maya Vansia

Secretary                                            Frazer Robson

Treasurer                                          Channi Riyait

Foundation                                        Jasbir Mann

Community                                        Jim Matthews

International                                      Pradeep Popat

Rotaract                                             Dipan Bhagalia

Vocation                                             Adrian McGreevy

Youth                                                  Pam Spokes

Communications                               Jason Chauhan

Programme                                        David Clorley

Health & Safety                                  Herbert Thurston

Membership / Attendance               Sarita Shah

Social Events & Fundraising          Diana Thurston

Social Media                                       Carolyn Robson

Website                                              Jason Chauhan


Gemma Kiddy

Gemma explained she had allocated roles to active members of the club, “but every member is a part of each committee, so I hope that everyone will help out each other where possible and support each other’s roles. If you need help or you would like someone to do a certain job then you must ask for help. We are all one and these labels shouldn’t get in the way of that.”