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Games and fun maintain Rotary fellowship


Table games including Connect 4, Scrabble, snobs, pairs, and Jenga kept eight members of Leicester Novus entertained.

The evening provided the fun and fellowship which is the bedrock of Rotary and which enables its members to unite in the service of others.

Can you guess who is pictured behind the Connect 4 board?

It’s President-Elect Gemma Kiddy, who proved a very good strategist… something she might need when she becomes president on July 1.


Do you recognise this schoolyard game? Some know it as snobs, or five stones.

Sarita Shah proved unbeatable… but anyone who can twist their fingers like this deserves to be the best.

All eyes turned were drawn to the nailbiting Jenga challenge in which Deepak Karia’s steady hand brought President Dipan Bhagalia’s tower noisily crashing down…

The video below might take 30 seconds or more to download on a slow connection. The noise is the cracking of a crisp packet as someone launched into the take-and-share supper.