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Helping LOROS twilight walk


Leicester Novus Rotarians step up
for the LOROS twilight walk

President Dipan Bhagalia chose LOROS, the Leicestershire hospice charity, as his charity of the year when he took office in July 2014.

In the autumn of that year he led members of his club to visit the hospice, soon after members took part in the charity’s Walk on the Wildside sponsored walk.

And in April 2015, four members and two soon-to-be-members gave up a Saturday evening to join about 70 marshals for the charity’s Twilight Walk from Leicester City’s King Power Stadium.

Hundreds of women dressed as “Saints and Sinners” raised thousands of pounds for the charity. Making sure they were safe and comfortable, despite the drenching April showers, were President Dipan, President-Elect Gemma Kiddy, members Sarita Shah and Jim Matthews. They were joined by Sheema and Deepak Karia, who at that stage were not yet club members.