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Where law meets morality

Novus meetings with guest speakers are often thought-provoking.
But when eight students from the University of Leicester Law School asked Rotarians to ponder on several issues where UK law meets ethics and morals, members found themselves properly and rigorously challenged.

Firstly, Leah, Gabrielle and Lauren gave some startling facts about the number of homeless people, including ‘sofa surfers’ between the ages of 12 and 24 — 250,000 in London alone. Then they presented a list of proposals to help tackle, or at least ameliorate, the effects of homelessness.

Emily, Lauren and Leah suggest proposals to help the homeless

Lauren, Gabrielle and Leah suggest proposals to help the homeless

Then Emily, Shikha and Anita invited members to consider medical ethics, particularly where euthanasia and assisted suicide meet. This led to some interesting observations from a Rotarian who had been a physician for 50 years.

Finally, Ifeoma and Charlotte talked about the lack of an internationally-accepted law relating to cyber-crime and terrorism.

Members agreed that all three groups had given them much to think about. They said they hoped that the students, under the leadership of lecturer Ewa Zelazna and Gabriel Downey, who had been in charge of the project, would return soon to present more moral dilemmas.