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Leicester Novus celebrates Christmas to end the year

Leicester Novus Secret Santa
President Kartar Singh Bring wearing his Christmas turban guides Novus Rotary friends through a dice-based Secret Santa game at the club’s Christmas Dinner.

Just 10 days ahead of Christmas Day, Leicester Novus celebrated the festive season with a meal at Rothley Court Hotel. We were joined by nine club members and four guests, but if it wasn’t for the new Omicron variant and current uncertainty, we would have had a further six members join us.

Ahead of our meal, we were entertained by pulling our crackers and exchanging our cracker jokes:

“Who hides in a bakery at Christmas?  A mince spy!”

“Who is Santa’s favourite singer?  Elf-is Presley”

Upon finishing our two-course meal, and polished off our desserts, we were keen to understand the secret Santa game explained and led by club President Kartar Singh Bring. A short clip of us playing the game can be seen by visiting this video. The rules are similar to the card game ‘Uno!’, where a roll of a dice determines the action required. It was started by each member bringing in a wrapped gift with a value of up to £10. Each member would pick up a gift, those who rolled a six, went first and then were followed by the rest. A common action in the game was exchanging gifts by moving them twice to the left, or once to the right. We all ended up with a complete different gift we first picked up, which was all part of the fun!

Leicester Novus ended its weekly meeting with the toast:

“To Rotary Fellowship and Peace The World Over.”

President Kartar Singh Bring and all the members of Leicester Novus Rotary wish all readers, friends and supporters a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

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