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One year on…

Kirit Mistry on a Zoom call to Leicester Novus

Exactly a year after the law changed, Kirit Mistry explained to Leicester Novus Rotary how the organ donation legislation operates.

Kirit is founder and chairman of South Asian Health Action. He said that a major change brought in on May 20, 2020 is that everyone will be assumed to have opted in to being willing to donate organs unless they have specifically opted out.

Kirit then showed members a video made by Manoj Keshavji, whose wife Leela died in October last year.

Leela Keshavji

Manoj said: “We both agreed that the best part of living is giving.” He said that he and Leela often discussed with their three children the question of organ donation. Five lives were saved as a result of the organs donated by Leela after her death.

“Leela was a Hindu wedding priest, a businesswoman and teacher. She was an inspiring person,” said Manoj in the video. “I ask you,” he said, “as the father of three young children, to think about being an organ donor.”

Manoj said he had received a letter from a 38-year-old wife and mother of a young child thanking him because her life has ben saved by Leela’s donation.

“It’s a privilege to be able to become and organ donor. I take a great deal of comfort from knowing Leela helped others to live.”

Kirit answered many questions about how the process of organ donation works and concluded by stressing: “Please make sure your family knows what your wishes are.”

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