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Fifteen more bags of cans off to save lives

Six bags full of crushed cans picked up as litter by the South Leicestershire Litter Wombles

Members of South Leicestershire Litter Wombles have been super busy, adding another six bin bags full of crushed aluminium cans to the rapidly growing amount of raw material needed to build a helipad for the air ambulance helicopters taking critically-ill patients to Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Because the Wombles crushed the cans, the bin bags probably contain four times as many cans as the other 11 bags awaiting delivery to Stocken Prison, Oakham, where they will be crushed into bales each containing 10,000 cans. The raw material from one million cans is needed to build a helipad.

The other bags of cans have been given by members of Leicester Novus Rotary, Bradgate Rotary, Zeph’s Cafe, at Oadby Trinity Methodist Church, and other individuals and community groups.

Fifteen bags full of cans

Jim Matthews, who is co-ordinating the logistics on behalf of Novus Rotary, says: “We are very grateful to everyone who helps the environment by picking up litter, like the Wombles, and to everyone who recycles the raw material knowing that they may be saving lives as well as the environment.”

If you want to add your unwanted cans – not tin food cans, but only aluminium cans – please e-mail

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