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Newest member steps right up

Volunteer Ranjit Mann records the blood pressure of an Asda shopper
Volunteer Ranjit Mann records the blood pressure of an Asda shopper

Pharmacist Ranjit Mann has only just been elected a member of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus. In fact he has not yet even been officially welcomed into Rotary.

But today he used his vocational skills to help Novus, alongside Rotarians from Leicester and Leicester De Montfort clubs deliver our annual Know Your Blood Pressure effort on behalf of the Stroke Association.

Alongside nurses and Emeritus Professor of Medicine Bert Thurston, a fellow member of Novus Rotary, Ranjit and others recorded the blood pressures of 131 shoppers at the Asda store in Abbey Lane. That is two fewer than last year.

Organiser Chris Trivett, from De Montfort Rotary, reported that 56 per cent of our ‘clients’ were female. After recording their blood pressures, our medical experts recommended ‘no further action’ in 63 per cent of cases (67 peer cent last year), ‘visit your GP within a month’ in 34 per cent of cases (23% last year), ‘see your GO within a week 3 per cent (9 per cent last year).

Chris thanked all the volunteers for helping, along with the management and staff of Asda for allowing Rotary to deliver this service which allows the Stroke Association to add anonymous data to its database for research purposes as well as giving members of the public early warning of possible ill health.