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Good sports all round

Skittles (long alley)

Every autumn Rotary clubs meet in combat called District Minor Sports. The minor refers to the nature of the sports, usually skittles (long alley or table) or darts, or even Jenga.

This year Novus were drawn to play the Rotary Club of Blaby and our Channi Riyait and Blaby president Gough Gamble arranged a super evening of long alley skittles at The Red Lion at Huncote.

Half-way through the three-legged match, it became clear that fellowship was the real name of the game as competitors put down the wooden cheeses to tuck into a delicious traditional pub meal of sausages, faggots, mushy peas, chicken and mushroom pie, steak and ale pie and lasagne and to chat.

Fellowship between the two teams is the name of the game

The chat continued as the game resumed with the home side, Blaby, winning through to the second round on the basis of having won two of the three legs.

Speaking of legs… the table and chair nearest the nine pins were hit several times!

It was great to see the three members who have joined Novus since March taking part in their first District Minor Sports. And that our year-long friend Mai Tsumura played brilliantly on loan to Blaby.

Novus president Maya Vansia and members thanked Gough and his team and wished them well in the next and subsequent rounds.

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