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Inspirational Alice wins through

Rotarian Pam Spokes (RC Leicester Novus) with head teacher Mrs Charlotte Crosse and children of Sir Thomas More Voluntary Academy

Barry Rassin, the President of Rotary International leads the 1.2 million Rotary members around the world by urging us to “Be The Inspiration.”

Each year Pam Spokes, the secretary and Youth Service lead of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus invites children at city schools to enter Rotary’s Young Writer competition to encourage creative writing.

“My Inspiration” was the theme adopted this year by children from
St Thomas More Voluntary Academy.

All eight children who entered received a certificate and the winning entry, by Alice Farmer, will go to the District 1070 competition.
This is Alice’s entry:

My Inspiration

I’ve always wanted to be an engineer and there are lots of different types of it such as aeronautical engineering which involves planes and flying; marine engineering which has boats; electronic engineering which means power and electricity; civil engineering which includes roads, bridges and being precise and accurate; chemical engineering which means making chemicals and refining petrol and finally bio-engineering which includes making artificial hips and pacemakers.  

Also one day my mum bought me an engineering kit which encouraged me to learn more and surprisingly the more gravity the faster the vehicle.   Meanwhile my favourite engineering is making stuff so civil engineering, the one with the roads and bridges.  

One day I went in a place which was a science and engineering exhibition for people.   I was also inspired by the conductor because there was a lemon and a potato.  I chose the lemon because the lemon has a chemical called acid which makes it sour.   While there was also a man who was an engineer and he showed me some of his creations.  One was a racing car and he made it out of two elastic bands, a propeller, a toilet roll and some bottle lids.  When you have done that you can twist the elastic bands and let it go. Hopefully it will roll away. 

There is also a programme called dengineers, which is short for den-engineers.  This also inspires me by the structure.   Also I had an idea about if I had a den it would be the shape of a piece of Lego that is rectangular and yellow.  Inside I would like a Lego table and a relaxing area surrounded by a couple of bouncy Lego cubes.

Have you ever wanted to be an engineer?  If you have I could give you some useful tips such as never give up no matter what anyone thinks.  In 2000 there were 50,000 male engineers and 10,000 female engineers.  Over 100 years ago Mary Anderson invented the windscreen wiper.  I hope I encouraged you to become an engineer and remember girls you can be anything.

Alice Farmer
Age 9
Year 3/4 St Thomas More Voluntary Academy

Good luck, Alice!