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Passing on Peace experiences

Gathering around the Peace Pole in the Peace Garden at
Falcons Primary School

Members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus Rotary Club are proud of their links with Falcons Primary School and the Peace Garden they helped develop there.

Their ground-breaking efforts have been hailed by other Rotary clubs, schools and communities. One of the project’s most vocal fans is Margaret Morley, who was the lead Rotarian in the east Midlands in 2013-2014 and who has visited the site several times.

Margaret has since moved to the West Midlands and spread the word. As a result, several Rotary members came to the school to see it and to learn how the club funded and built the garden.

Frazer Robson explained to the visitors that Novus had successfully written an application for a £1,000 grant from the Rotary Foundation charity. He stressed that the plans could not have come to fruition without the skills and expertise of Matthew Herbert, of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, the wholehearted commitment of Mrs Mann, her teachers, parents and governors, and premises officer Viren Shah who was always on hand to help.

Mrs Mann said the children remain fully engaged with the garden using, its seating in a quiet area to meet parents, friends and to sometimes sit quietly and reflect.

The four visitors from the West Midlands were Immediate Past District Governor Gary Dancer, Margaret Morley, Pauline Kimber and Andrew Gilman, from the Rotary Club of Yardley and Sheldon. He has been talking to a primary school which had asked his club to provide a Peace Garden. Andrew said at the end of the round-table discussion: “My head is spinning, I have learned so much this evening and admire so much what you have achieved.”

As well as gathering around the Peace Pole which bears the words “May Peace Prevail Upon Earth” in eight different languages and sharing ideas in a round-table discussion, the visitors saw more of the school and some could not resist the temptation of playing in the playground.

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