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Tapping into emotional freedom

Guest speaker Heather Wright demonstrates ‘tapping therapy’ on President Deborah Wylie

EFT — Emotional Freedom Technique — is an enigmatic form of therapy for a range of diseases, symptoms and conditions. Indeed, even some practitioners are not sure how it works. They say they are content to know that it does.

Even open-minded sceptics in the audience were impressed when Heather Wright, explained and demonstrated ‘tapping therapy’ at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus.

Heather, a member of the Rotary Club of Grantham Sunrise, said the key is Action, Behaviour/Feeling and Consequences. She said people who have the therapy can recognise that they can choose how they react to whatever confronts them; whether it is bullying, self-harm or needing help maintaining a good diet. People can react by doing something, or doing nothing or deciding not to decide.”Some people,” Heather said: “think it is hocus pocus, but it really works. It is about owning that emotion.”

She explained that by tapping on acupuncture points in the hands, on the face, on the chest and the ribcage while concentrating on their worry, people can find peace and a resolution to their problems.

Heather invited her audience to tap themselves on those pressure points while thinking about a problem they would like to resolve. While they were doing that, Heather was demonstrating on Deborah Wylie, the president of the Rotary Club of Grantham Sunrise.

Deborah closed her eyes while, over 20 or so minutes Heather tapped her and asked her questions about how she felt and what she wanted to achieve, The phrase “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” became a mantra as Heather repeatedly asked her friend to recite it.

At the end of the session Deborah described her feeling as being “light and bubbly” and feeling more capable of overcoming the issue which had concerned and pre-occupied her.

Some members of the audience, who had been visibly tapping their own acupuncture points, had previously experienced tapping therapy and said it had helped them.

Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club is only a year old and its president Deborah exchanged banners with Novus president Maya Vansia. They said they hoped the two clubs could form a lasting relationship and meet again.

Rotary presidents Deborah Wylie (RC Grantham Sunrise) and Maya Vansia (RC Leicester Novus) exchange banners