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Online meeting sets records

Seven screens with 15 members attending the club's first online meeting
Seven screens with 15 members attending the club’s first online meeting

Novus Rotarians set some records when they held their first-ever online meeting.

Despite a few logging-in and sound problems, the meeting started promptly. Fifteen members (rather more than usual) joined in from seven different locations. The meeting ended with everyone having contributed, including the three newest members, who have joined since May.

The meeting actually ended after an hour, rather earlier than usual for a business meeting.

But a lot of ground was covered with President Maya Vansia asking members to get family and friends in World Polio Day on October 24 when Leicester Cathedral will be lit up in purple, the colour of Rotary International’s 40-year campaign to rid the world of polio.

Details for the club’s meeting to be held on September 19 at Falcons Primary School were discussed. Speaking from home headteacher and Novus member Jasbir Mann promised “more than one or two” samosas when the club shows off its Peace Garden to Rotarians visiting from Warwickshire.

Her husband Ranjit (attending the meeting in person at the office of member Mark Esho), outlined other upcoming meetings and venues. Ranjit and Jasbir are one of five pairs of husband-and-wife members in the Novus club. Another, Carolyn and Frazer Robson, attended online from home having only just returned from Canada.

President Maya ended the meeting with thanks to the host (both in person and online) Mark and the traditional final toast “To Rotary Fellowship, and Peace The World Over.”

Some traditions look likely to remain!

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