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‘An ambitious programme driven by your passion and commitment’

At this time of the year Rotarians — all 1.2 million of them around the world — meet to discuss their plans for the new Rotary year which starts on July 1.

Novus welcomed Assistant Governor Eddie Pearson, who will be on hand to help incoming president Sarita Shah and the other 15 members of the 12-year-old club to hear the proposals and comment on them.

“This is a very impressive programme underpinned by your passion and commitment,” he said.

Sarita had laid out eight goals relating to recruitment and retention of members, supporting charities, including Rotary’s 30-year campaign to rid the world of polio.

Secretary Pam Spokes said she will continue to run several programmes to encourage children to be the best that they can be.

Retiring president Maya Vansia outlined plans for the social and fundraising activities to be undertaken by the club.

Headteacher Jasbir Mann, whose husband is also a member of the club outlined projects in two main areas: Environment and sustainability and Mental health and wellbeing.

Novus is one of about 32,000 Rotary clubs across the globe and Channi Riyait and Pradeep Popoat are to work together to lead the club in support of the Jaipur Limb Project in Uganda, and to provide sewing machines for women in Nepal and to support a water project in Nepal using solar panels.

Closing the meeting before Eddie Pearson gave his assessment, Sarita said the motto for the coming year was Rotary Opens Opportunities.

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