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Helping Leicester’s homeless

Arif Voraji, in the centre, talking to Novus Rotary

The remarkable story of the charity Help The Homeless Leicester was outlined to Novus Rotary by its founder Arif Voraji, also known as Jedsy.

Speaking over Zoom to nine members, he explained that he started helping homeless men in his home town of Bolton, Lancs, by souring 20 pairs of jeans off eBay.

Here in Leicester he and his friends started providing more clothes and then food to 140-150 people in Leicester Market every Wednesday evening. Some of those would have been sofa-surfers but 20-25 would be street homeless — people who have to rough sleep outside.

Arif said the organisation became a registered charity in 2018 and has found accommodation for 85 homeless people. Now Help The Homeless is concentrating on finding more accommodation, with help from landlords who own Homes of Multiple Occupation. The landlords are guaranteed payment of rent because it is paid direct to their account from the tenant’s Universal Credit.

Arif is one of three employees of the charity who strive to make a success of tenancies offered to homeless people. They go into prisons six weeks before a prisoner is released to help give support to ease them into accommodation and employment.

Arif and his colleagues, supported by a team of up to 20 volunteers, are working to their motto: Enrich, Encourage, Empower.

They deserve support.

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