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What will Secret Santa Singh Bring?

Secret Santa Singh Bring alongside Channi Riyait in the maroon turban

Like all Rotary clubs, Leicester Novus gets serious for parts of its monthly business meeting. But even then, there is time for gentle joshing and good humour.

After some intense discussion of serious matters, members turned their thoughts towards Christmas fun. They debated how they will support a virtual Santa Fun Run the distance (2,850 kilometres) from Northampton to Santa’s elves’ workshop in Rovaniemi, Lapland, in the eight days starting from December 6.

Sensibly, they quickly concluded that they could not do the whole distance, but Jason Chauhan agreed to co-ordinate the efforts of Novus members who said they could contribute some of the kilometres on foot, fast or slow, and wearing seasonal attire.

Last month, President-Elect Kartar Singh Bring had offered to run a Secret Santa event, something he has done in the past with Sikh friends to celebrate Christmas and with colleagues at hospitals where he is the lead chaplain.

Members asked exactly how a Secret Santa event works. Kartar took us through several scenarios which sounded great fun. It will start when he calls on members’ houses to collect gifts bought anonymously.

He was asked whether he had yet sourced, as he hoped to, a suitably red turban for the task. Instantly, Channi Riyait left his Zoom screen and returned a minute later having swapped a maroon-coloured turban for the baseball cap he had been wearing earlier in the meeting.

Whatever he wears on the day, all members are looking forward to the visit by Secret Santa Singh Bring when he will, indeed, bring mystery gifts.

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