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Kishan gets club members to scale new heights

Speaker Kishan Patel (centre) with members and guests of the
Rotary Club of Leicester Novus

Loughborough University student Kishan Patel is getting set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in the summer. With a team of friends he will be scaling the 19,340 ft summit to raise money for the charity Hope For Children

In fact, Kishan has already started. He has stood with his collecting bucket in London, Bristol, Guildford and at a Loughborough nightclub. His Just Giving page records that he has already raised £621 of the £3,400 target he has set himself.

He proved himself an excellent ambassador for the charity which has changed the lives of 161,000 children and adults in the nine countries where it operates, working in the fields of education, health and wellbeing, and empowering families.

After his very effective presentation about the charity and his attempt on Kilimanjaro Kishan, who had been driven to the meeting by his pharmacist father Mayur, introduced Rotarians and their guests to an instant-access on

Using their cellphones to answer questions Kishan showed onscreen, six members answered a 30-question quiz. App agreed it was a very novel way of having fun. Winner Fraser Robson shared his prize of Celebration chocolates which Kishan had so generously brought.

Members were encouraged by President Maya Vansia to visit the Just Giving page of enterprising Kishan, to whom she proposed a vote of thanks.

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