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Despite COVID, Novus wins award

Despite the restrictions introduced during the COVID-19 crisis, Novus has won an award for meeting its targets.

Immediate Past President Maya Vansia received by e-mail Rotary Citation signed by the Immediate Past President of Rotary International Mark Maloney.

The certificate recognises that Novus at least equalled a number of targets set to encourage the 32,000 clubs across the world — with about 1.2 million members.

Immediate Past President Maya Vansia with the certificate received electronically and signed by the Immediate President Past President of Rotary International Mark Maloney

Maya said: “It was a delightful surprise when I received an email from our Immediate Past District Governor Rodney Spokes to say that our club, Leicester Novus, had achieved the Rotary Citation for the year 2019-2020.

“The second half of my year as President had certainly been challenging with me having to take time off for sick leave and then to contend with the unprecedented challenges caused by Covid-19.

“I am very proud to be part of Rotary and I wholeheartedly congratulate everyone to include members, friends and family of RC of Leicester Novus for their commitment and hard work. May we continue to serve Rotary fellowship and peace the world over. “

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