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Santa steps out

At last week’s meeting, members of Leicester Novus Rotary Club decided to support a sponsored walk being organised — despite COVID restrictions — by Northampton Rotary Club, the District 1070 Rotary e-club and the Rotaract Club of Northampton..

The aim was to complete the 2850 kilometres from Northampton to Lapland, where Santa’s elves are no doubt elving away to beat their Christmas deadline.

Novus members readily admitted the total distance was beyond them collectively but said they would do their bit as individuals.

One member completed his usual 1.6-mile walk near his home, dressed in the Santa suit he had used before for the Loughborough Rotary Santa Fun Run. Doing 1.61 miles in 23.48 minutes left him a somewhat sweaty Santa, so the suit will need laundering before the 24th!

If you want to tackle the challenge set by Northampton Rotary, please visit their website to log your progress and to make any donation you wish.

Donate to your chosen charity thro totalgiving

email us with distance details and your run photos to

Join up at :

The organis3ers had set dates of December 6-13.

Our anonymous member chose to do the walk on December 10 which would have been his late sister’s 73rd birthday. While walking up the hill towards home he recalled a sponsored walk he undertook on Boxing Day about 55 years ago. It had been planned by the Leicestershire Combined Children’s Charities.

The weather has been so bad it was called off, but our teenager set off with his father and three other lads from their home at Caterpillar Tractors, Desford. They got to Nailstone and rang the on-duty security officer at Caterpillar from the phone box (no cellphones then) and asked him to call back to prove that they had indeed slid along lying snow and slush for 13 miles.

In the unlikely event that you need proof, please look at the data collected by Geo Tracker on today’s walker’s phone!

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