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In with the new, and out with the old!

The new decade started for Novus Rotary in much the same way that the old year went out… with Helipads For Hospitals founder John Nowell collecting thousands of aluminium cans donated through Novus Rotary.

Some of the 20+ bags containing thousands of aluminum cans which filled the trailer of John Nowell

New readers start here… In May 2019 John came to explain to Novus (along with guests from the Inner Wheel Club of Leicester) how he was collecting aluminium cans to be compressed into pallets containing 10,000 cans which will be smelted so that they can provide the raw material to provide helipads for Air Ambulance helicopters can land a A&E hospitals, starting with Leicester Royal Infirmary and Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. The vital minutes saved by being able to transfer critically-ill patients on-site rather than nearby could result in lives being saved.

Novus members immediately started collecting empty aluminium cans. They held a collection in Leicester City Centre hoping to be given some cash and lots of cans. They were given four cans and £100 towards the cost of a £500 collection bin.

But even better, the Rotarians met a shopper who told them about the South Leicestershire Litter Wombles
This wonderful group of nearly 750 volunteers (Slogan: ‘Action Not Words’) has collected thousands of cans which have been passed on to Helipads For Hospitals.

Other Rotary Clubs (Bradgate, Kibworth and Fleckney, and Leicester De Montfort) as well as other groups and individuals are regularly contributing.

Early in the New Year John Nowell collected the thousands of cans in the photograph above which had been left at the home of Novus member Jim Matthews.

If you want to give cans — or cash towards the cost of the much-needed collecting bins — please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top this page to e-mail us.

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