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Rotary has it covered

A dozen members of Leicester Novus Rotary members had a business meeting on the day that the UK government decreed that it would be mandatory for passengers on public transport to wear face coverings.

One member mentioned that as co-ordinator of Thurcaston and Cropston Good Neighbours Scheme, he had received instructions of how to make a face-covering following instructions approved by the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

After the meeting, he e-mailed the list of materials and the instructions to his fellows and also included the photo (above) of the very effective one his wife had made him using an old pillowcase and two short pieces of elastic.

If you would like to receive the instructions for the US-approved face-covering, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top left hand side of this page and we will e-mail you the instructions. They also include information about the remarkable group Loughborough Against Corona who supplied them.

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