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V for virtual — not virus — meeting

Virtual meeting for Atsuko, Ranjit, Maya and Jim

When it became obvious that work, holidays and the threat of the Coronavirus was decimating the numbers set to attend the weekly meeting of Rotary Novus, the innovative club decided to hold an online meeting instead.

And although only four members ‘attended’ there was a lot of banter and visual humour (“Is he really drinking whisky out of a Peppa Pig mug?”).

Of course, Coronavirus was the main topic of discussion. Pharmacist Ranjit suggested that Rotary and other groups could encourage people to form mini-networks to keep in touch by telephone with ‘at risk’ or self-isolating neighbours.

Jim, co-ordinator of his village’s Good Neighbours scheme, reported that he and volunteers in the scheme had discussed going shopping for elderly neighbours so they would not be exposed to infection and that the number of shoppers could be reduced.

For Atsuko, this is a tense time, she is due to fly back to Japan at the end of the month after spending a year at Leicester University, during which time she joined Leicester Novus Rotary. It seems her travel plans are unaffected by the Coronavirus outbreak. And that’s good news for another member who is due to fly to Japan next week for a holiday.

President Maya concluded the enjoyable 40-minute online meeting with the traditional toast to “Rotary Fellowship and Peace, The World Over”.

But was it whisky or tea that was in the Peppa Pig mug? The author of this report isn’t saying. But he didn’t have to drive home from the meeting… he was already there! 🙂

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