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Keep calm and Rotary on!

Even when COVID-19 rules mean Rotarians cannot meet face to face, Novus Rotary carries on, having fun and helping others.

At their third consecutive online meeting members discussed two urgent requests for help caused by the virus crisis.

The first was from the City Farm, Anstey Lane, which has not only lost visitors during the crisis, but has also lost income as funders have withdrawn. Unfortunately, the 10 members who participated in the online meeting decided that the could not help financially.

One member, though, helpfully suggested a number of local trust funds that the City Farm could approach for a bail-out. City Farm trustee Sue Hammond wrote back: The list of charities is helpful, a few are new to me, and I will approach them…”

The second request for help was from Gem Radio’s Cash For Kids Appeal Even though the club has no unallocated funds in its charity account, members voted to give £70 &mdash: enough to feed two children for a week — during the Coronavirus crisis.

The money will go out of the club’s business account, which means it comes straight out of members’ pockets. Gem Radio promises that every penny will go to disadvantaged children.

The clubs next weekly meeting will be its Business Meeting and Annual General Meeting, at which it will elect officers for the Rotary years beginning on July 1.

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