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Thanks, Ady, Julia… and friends

South Leicestershire Litter Womble Julia Dennison let her friends know that she has been collecting cans for the charity Helipads For Hospitals, which is being supported by Leicester Novus Rotary.

They rallied round and very soon Julia’s greenhouse in Glen Parva was full of bags of aluminium.

The bags of aluminium cans which had been in Julia Dennison’s greenhouse

She is asking her friends and members of the Facebook Group Leicester Born and Bred to arrange collections/donations with Novus Rotary in future.

Over several weeks, Ady A, from Fosse Road North in the city, lived up to his long-standing nickname The Can Man as he collected seven bags full of cans.

Seven bags of cans collected by Ady T

All the cans are taken to Stocken Prison near Oakham where they are crushed into pallets each containing 10,000 cans. Later, they will be smelted and the raw aluminium will be recycled into a helipad to enable Air Ambulances taking critically-ill patients to Leicester Royal Infirmary and then Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, to land within yards of the A&e departments.

Each helipad will require about one million cans.

Dozens of bags containing thousands of cans

Helipads For Hospitals founder John Nowell will give a talk on his career and his charity at a meeting hosted by Leicester Novus Rotary on Monday, March 9, from 7.30pm to 9pm at Braunstone Civic Centre,Kingsway, Leicester LE3 2PP.

it is expected that he and Rotary president Maya Vansia will announce some significant developments.If you would like to attend, or if you want to donate cans, please go to the top of this page and click on the Contact Us link to e-mail us.

Rotary co-ordinator Jim Matthews says: “John Nowell and Novus Rotary have been astounded by the huge number of cans being donated. Please be patient if we are unable to respond immediately. We are delighted by the huge response and we hope lots of people come to our meeting on March 9 so we can thank them properly.”

Boot-iful sight: The boot of Jim’s car is full of cans donated by Novus Rotarians

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