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Ducks in a row…

In line… the Special General Meeting held by Leicester Novus Rotary confirmed that President Sarita Shah (top row, left, in our photo above) will be followed by lead hospitals chaplain Kartar Singh Bring (top row centre) who in turn will be succeeded by pharmacist Ranjit Singh Mann (top row right).

Ranjit will take over as president from Kartar on July 1, 2022. He will be the club’s 13th president. and will be following in the footsteps of his wife Jasbir, who was president from 2011-2012.

Some of the 10 members who attended the Special General Meeting remembered their previous decision to take a piece of cake. In the case of Kartar, that was easy because it was his sister’s birthday and he had a huge slice of delicious-looking sponge cake.

Others, including Ranjit, wore Santa hats.

Who knows, in these days of Zoom meetings, what they were wearing below desk level?

On a more serious note, they heard pharmacist Ranjit explain about the COVID vaccinationm including

  • Stressing the importance of people having the vaccination as the only effective way at the moment of controlling the virus.
  • Any side effects of the vaccination would be far less than the virus itself.
  • Although the vaccine has been developed in record time, the testing by MHRA has been to the highest standard and can be considered to be safe.
  • MHRA is an independent body not Government led and with no vested interests.
  • A task force is to be established to look into the claims of anti vaxxers.


One of the many local charities which Novus has supported in recent years is homeless charity One Roof Leicester.

It was with great pleasure and with admiration that we received this infographic from the charity earlier this week.

It is clear that despite COVID the charity has achieved a series of enormous successes since the pandemic began.

Take a look at this infographic. For more details, please visit the charity’s website

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