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‘Let’s ride this wave’

Holger Knaack, the incoming president of Rotary International, addressed nearly 650 Rotary members from across eastern central England.

Because of the COVID Lockdown, he was not able to attend the District 1070 Assembly, as it is called, at Loughborough University, but instead spoke to members from his home near Hamburg. They were in their homes, too.

Among them were President Maya Vansia and nine other members of the Rotary Club of Leicester Novus.

He said: “This is the time to be revolutionary. Don’t go back to the old Rotary. This is to time to renew. Let’s ride this wave.”

Holger had earlier addressed a similar assembly in South Africa. Referring to the slogan Rotary Opens Opportunities. He told them: “we will open opportunities for the people we serve and for ourselves.”

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‘This could be our finest hour…’

Jennifer Jones, Rotary International Vice President and Director also picked up on the effects of COVID Lockdown when she spoke near the end of the District 1070 Assembly.
“Rotary is probably more connected now that it has ever been,” she said, speaking from her home in Ontario, Canada (at 07:30 when it was 12:30) in the East Midlands.

“This may be our finest hour,” she said. Later she said: “Meeting like this costs less, brings us together. Why would you want to get rid of online meetings. Why not have two online meetings a month and one as a hands-on service project. That is why we joined Rotary and why we stay…”
Jennifer, CEO of a media company in Canada, said we can learn a lesson and adding to our skill sets is something that Rotary can offer to members for use not only in Rotary, but in our vocations, too.”

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