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Countdown, not Coronavirus

Can you spot the eight-letter anagram?

Seven members participated in the second online meeting held during the COVID-19 crisis. Not only did the event give members the chance to further explore the software ‘Zoom’ and to get used to using it confidently,  but a small amount of business was conducted.

But the main benefit was that the weekly member-to-member contact was maintained and the ‘banter’ continued.

Purely for fun, a couple of minutes was spent playing the Conundrum game from the TV programme Countdown… identifying the eight-letter words. With Coronavirus so much on people’s minds, it did not take members long to spot the word in the middle of this photo.

How long did it take you? We’ve given you extra time because the letters are seen in ‘mirror writing’. 😉

Last edited: 20:00 on Sunday, 22.03.2020