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Spreading the knowledge… in real time!

A redacted screen grab of Deepak’s spreadsheet.
Unredacted, his workings were impressively clear

On the first day of the second national COVID-19 lockdown, it was nice to be reminded that something good has come out of Novus holding its weekly meetings online using Zoom.

Our monthly business meeting requires reports from officers including treasurer Deepak Karia. Novus is very lucky to have accountant Deepak whose job requires him to use online conferencing programs to discuss spreadsheets with his German employers.

His expertise at explaining what his spreadsheets show emboldened members to make on-the-hoof decisions about how best to spend the money they had donated in lieu of the £10 or so they customarily give each month to charities and good causes.

So, in real time, members watched as Deepak carried out their instructions to put aside £400 to maintain the e-Ranger motorbike ambulance the club bought for use in the Mbale region of Uganda.

They could see that they had left enough money in the charity account to contribute to the Alzheimer’s Society to help people living with dementia and to contribute towards the Rotary Club of Leicester’s foodbank

Thanks to Deepak’s rapidly-moving mouse, members could see that later in the year they will be in a position to make further donations to good causes.

Those members with — let’s be polite here — less facility with numbers and spreadsheets have found these locked-down meetings very instructive.

Thank you, accountant (and teacher) Deepak!

During the meeting President Sarita Shah said that she had received a certificate signed by Past District Governor Rodney Spokes acknowledging Novus’s support for the End Polio Now campaign in the year 2018-2019 when we donated more than $1,500.

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