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Flying visitor to online meeting

Rajan joins the Rotary meeting with Channi and his daughter Tripat

By holding its weekly meetings using Zoom, Leicester Novus Rotary hopes to attract visitors from far and wide.

So far, four weeks into ‘Lockdown’ they haven’t done so…unless you count the meeting on April 16.

For there appearing suddenly was Rajah, a magnificent African Grey Parrot.

He had not come far, though… only from the other room while his proud owner Channi Riyait was attending the Rotary meeting. Maybe Rajah was a little shy, being surprised to see eight other Rotarians in the living room. He did not reply — as he often does — to the usual Sikh greeting: “Sat Sri Akal.” from the other attendees.

Rajan did not seem impressed, but it was decided to recommend to all members that they put £10 for each missed fund-raising meal into the charity account.

Members were also pleased to hear that Atsuko Miyake had got home to Japan safely and had spent a fortnight in quarantine before moving back into her flat. She, too, will be using Zoom during the COVID crisis to teach her university students English Literature.

Following the example of previous meetings, attendees left their screens at 8pm to join the applause for health and other keyworkers.

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