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Mai’s greetings from Japan

Mai Tsumura speaking to the Rotary Club of Nishinomiya-Ebisu

Novus Rotary members have fond memories of Mai Tsumura who spent more than a year at Leicester University to do research for her MPhil. Mai was sponsored by the group of Rotary clubs near the cities of Osaka and Kobe.

Although there was no official link and Mai had no obligation to Novus, she attended many meetings and helped in many ways on many occasions between September 2018 and December 2019.

As a beneficiary of Rotary International educational sponsorship, Mai was obliged to her Rotary sponsors and recently she spoke to the Rotary Club of Nishinomiya-Ebisu, in District 2680 which sponsored her.

Mai with her sponsors at the Rotary Club of Nishinomiya-Ebisu

Mai e-mailed some photos from her visit along with this message:

Yesterday I gave a presentation about my life in Leicester at Nishinomiya Ebisu RC’s regular meeting. I attended a New Year meeting in Ebisu RC and also visited District 2680 office in January, handing [District 1070 Governor] Rodney’s card and District 1070 magazines. This time I reported my understanding of Leicester as a city, my research, my friendship with and support by you all. Please find attached photos from the meeting. Ebisu members were very pleased to hear that I had really enjoyed my life in Leicester and are grateful to you for your great assistance.

I will keep you informed with latest news and interesting stories when they come up!

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